China Best Sales 28W Electrical DC Toy Mini Motor for Robot Vending Machines with Good quality

Solution Description

28W Electrical DC Toy Mini Motor for Robotic Vending Machines

DC Geared Motor (VFO-38,TT-555 for robot,vending machines)

1) Electrical power: 1.5-8 W
two) Voltage: 3 – 36V DC
3) Output velocity: 2-600 rpm
4) Reduction ratio: 1: 8, 1: 14, 1: 33, 1: fifty five, 1: one hundred thirty, 1: 220, 1: 520, 1: 883
5) Motor proportions: 38.2 (dia. ) x 92mm (Max. )
Output shaft common length: 18mm
6) Normal Software: Label printers, auto shutter, computerized stabilised voltage provide, grill, oven, cleaning equipment, rubbish disposers, household appliances, slot machinery, cash detector, computerized actuator, coffee equipment, towel disposal, lights, coin refund products, CZPT pump.
seven) Packing Information: CTN Size: 34*31*15cm, twenty pcs/CTN, N. W. 11KGS

Organization Introduction


Two sorts of AC motors contain: Synchronous: The simple fact that a synchronous motor rotates at the same price as the frequency of the mains existing provides the motor its identify. A synchronous motor is made up of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a wide assortment of applications. Induction: Induction motors are the most basic and strongest motors obtainable. These AC motors consist of two electrical parts: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The present required to turn the rotor is generated by the electromagnetic induction produced by the stator windings. Induction motors are a single of the most generally used types of motors in the globe.
An AC motor is a frequent sort of electrical motor that is driven by alternating present. As the most productive functional motors for daily industrial apps (as effectively as hobbyist tasks, house objects, and all other professional tools and buyer products), AC motors offer a reasonably efficient approach of producing mechanical energy from a basic electrical enter signal.

China Best Sales 28W Electrical DC Toy Mini Motor for Robot Vending Machines     with Good quality