China supplier AC Shaded Pole Gear Motor for BBQ Machines near me supplier

Item Description

AC Shaded Pole Gear Motor for BBQ Equipment

GF-YJ61 for Rotisserie

one)Regular voltage:a hundred and ten- 240A V. fifty/60hz
two)Speed: 3.6rpm, 4.6rpm, 5.2rpm, 6.8rpm, ten.9rpm, 15.5rpm, 28.9rpm, 65rpm, 86.7rpm, 114rpm, 203rpm, 274 rpm
3)Output electrical power: 1.-fifty W
four)Ratio: 1: 9.5, 1: 12.8, 1: 18, 1: thirty, 1: 40, 1: ninety, 1: 168, 1: 239, 1: 380, 1: 568, 1: 718
five)Packing Information: CTN Size: 55x35x18 cm, 24 PCS/CTNS, sixteen KGS

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China supplier AC Shaded Pole Gear Motor for BBQ Machines     near me supplier