Full Capacity 250kw Silent Three Phase Diesel Generator Set Ricardo Motor

Full Capacity 250kw Silent Three Phase Diesel Generator Set Ricardo Motor

Entire potential 250kw Silent 3 period diesel generator established Ricardo motor

Motor feature

Motor brand name: HangCZPT Kofa diesel engine
Engine electrical power output: From 14kw-308kw

→Diesel, heavy-responsibility, 4 stroke, drinking water cooled and direct injection gasoline program
→24V D.C starter and charger alternator   
→CZPT potential exhaust silencer supplied free with flexible segment
     and mating connections                                                                                                                        
→ Set mounted tropical responsibility radiator                                                                                             
→Engine pushed cooling enthusiast with security guard       
 →Steel wire braided gas traces, vent and rain fittings                                                                             
→Set mounted acid battery installed with sales opportunities and terminals       

 Alternator attribute
Brushless self thrilled, single bearing, four poles            
Course H insulation                                                
IP23 security standard                                      
Self-fascinating and self-regulating                                
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

Generator Set Performance Motor Overall performance Dimension 
GENSET OUTPUT  Electrical power Fre. ENGINE  Power         Fuel Comsumption Cylinder Open up type  / bodyweight soundproof variety / bodyweight
HZ Model KW L/H No. mm  / kg mm / kg
XHX-R8 eight/10 8.eight/eleven fifty Y480BD 14 one.nine four 1450×640×950/630 1800×850×1100/650
XHX-R10 ten/13 11/fourteen fifty Y480BD 14 two.four four 1450×640×950/630 1800×850×1100/650
XHX-R12 twelve/15 13.2/sixteen.five fifty Y480BD fourteen 2..nine four 1450×640×950/650 1800×850×1100/seven-hundred
XHX-R15 fifteen/18 16.5/20 50 Y485BD 17 3.seven four 1450×640×950/700 1800×850×1200/750
XHX-R18 eighteen/23 20/twenty five fifty Y485BZD 22 four.four four 1500×640×950/750 1800×850×1200/780
XHX-R18 18/23 20/25 50 495D 26.five four.4 four 1600×700×1200/800 2200×850×1200/850
XHX-R20 twenty/25 22/27.five 50 K4100D thirty.one 5.1 4 1600×700×1200/810 2200×960×1300/950
XHX-R25 25/30 27.5/33 fifty N4100D 30 six.four 4 1600×700×1200/810 2200×960×1300/980
XHX-R30 thirty/37.5 33/41 50 N4105D 38 7.seven four 1800×700×1200/830 2400×1000×1300/1000
XHX-R40 forty/fifty 44/fifty five fifty N4105D forty six 10.3 4 1800×700×1200/850 2400×1000×1350/1100
XHX-R50 50/63 fifty five/69 fifty N4105ZD fifty six twelve.four four 1800×700×1200/880 2400×1000×1350/1100
XHX-R68 sixty eight/eighty five seventy five/ninety three fifty R4105BZLD sixty 15.seven four 1800×700×1200/890 2400×1000×1350/1150
XHX-R80 80/one hundred 88/a hundred and ten 50 R6105ZDS 84 eighteen.four 6 2300×900×1300/1100 2800×1060×1470/1450
XHX-R100 100/125 110/137 50 R6105AZLDS 121 23.1 six 2300×900×1300/1150 2800×1060×1470/1500
XHX-R120 a hundred and twenty/a hundred and fifty 132/one hundred sixty five 50 R6105BZLDS 132 27.seven 6 2300×900×1300/1200 2800×1060×1470/1650
XHX-R140 140/175 154/193 fifty R6110ZLDS 170 32.3 6 2350×900×1350/1250 2800×1060×1470/1700
XHX-R160 one hundred sixty/two hundred 176/220 50 6126-68DE 187 34.4 6 2400×1000×1400/1350 3000×1200×1700/1800
XHX-R180 180/225 198/248 50 6126-42DE 231 38.seven 6 2500×1000×1400/1400 3000×1200×1700/1900
XHX-R200 200/250 220/275 50 6126A-260DE 250 forty two six 2600×1050×1450/1500 3500×1300×1900/3100
XHX-R240 240/three hundred 264/330 50 6127A-275DE 275 fifty six 2800×1150×1500/1600 3500×1300×1900/3150
XHX-R275 275/344 303/379 50 WT12D-308E 308 59.1 six 2800×1150×1500/1700 3800×1350×2000/3250

Our Advantages
1. High pressure pipes for diesel input-outlet
2. Stronger heavy duty rubber anti-vibration mountings
three. All base fuel tank Baking paint
four. All canopy powder coating (Powder type – 3 years durable, longer service life and less color fading)
five. Maintenance free battery and high quality battery charger
six. High standard wiring and brands (Chint/Delixi) relays, indicators, fuse breaker, meters etc.
seven. Non-return Valve equipped 
8. Turbo charger protection, moving parts protected and other CE standards (depends on required)
9. ONE Hour Testing for all genset (%-twenty five%-fifty%-75%-a hundred%-110% loading)
10. Make sure the Fastest Delivery Time
eleven. CZPT Quality and Aftersale Services as committed
twelve. Excellent Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection 
(All base frame, fuel tank, canopy, ATS cabinets etc are produced in Hensing factory zone to avoid any  out-off-controlled quality problems.

Manage system
manual / auto begin and security module 
Equipped with Comp AMF 20/Smartgen 6110
New built-in controllers in manual and remote commence application, featuring full gen-set monitoring and defense. It is outfitted with a strong graphic display, Icons, symbols and bar graphs for intuitive operation with each other with high functionality established new expectations in gen-set control. Specific minimal temperature model is also CZPT, making it possible for the exhibit to operate up to -30°C.
1) CZPT equipment
CZPT forty radiator mounted on skid, Frequent metal body, circuit breaker, Non-return valve,Shock Pad,exhaust silencer, battery and connecting wires, CZPT instruments kit, procedure handbook and document.
two) Optional components
Motor coolant and oil heater,  cooling for warmth exchanger, conversation interface, battery charger by main offer, ATS and paralHangCZPT program, soundproof canopy  
Warranty policy
Assure for 1 12 months or 1000 hours whichever attain first from ex-factory day. Throughout the ensure period of time, Hensing will offer the free simple-damageable spare areas of diesel engine induced by our top quality of generation or uncooked materials. Soon after expiration, Hensing  gives cost spare components maintenance of gensets

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Full Capacity 250kw Silent Three Phase Diesel Generator Set Ricardo Motor