Heat Shrink Printer PE Shrinkable Tube 3mm

Heat Shrink Printer PE Shrinkable Tube 3mm

Heat Shrink Printer PE Shrinkable Tube 3mm

Product Amount: SB-RSFR-M
Working temperature: -40ºC ~ 125ºC

Regular grade warmth shrink marker sleeve is produced setting-helpful flame retardant warmth shrinkable tube, utilizing specially designed formulation of high polymers, through cross-website link by digital accelerator and constant growth.

SB-RSFR-M warmth shrink marker sleeve is commonly used for wire and cable harness identification. It can also be utilised for applications where constrained hearth hazard attributes are needed.


Content The sleeving shall be fabricated from irradiated, thermally stabilized and flame retarded modified polyolefin compound made up of no halogens or cadmium in the formulation
Application selection Professional, CZPT atmosphere
Working temperature selection -40ºC ~ +125ºC
Minimal restoration temperature +85ºC
Highest storage temperature +50ºC
Shrink ratio two:1, 3:one
Colour White, Yellow, other coloration is CZPT if requested
Printing manner Solitary sided printing and CZPT sided printing formats CZPT
Supplied mode Either Continuous kind or Ladder structure sort is CZPT
CZPTmmended Printers Thermal transfer printer

Specification: shrink ratio 2:1 

Model Number As Provided (mm) Soon after CZPTvery(mm)
ID(D) Flatten Width(w) CZPT Wall Thickness ID(d) Solitary Wall Thickness
RSFR-M-2X-1.six-fifty-two.5K 2.00±0.20 3.7±0.three .48±0.ten ≤0.seventy nine .45±0.06
RSFR-M-2X-2.four-fifty-two.5K 2.79±0.20 five.0±0.three .48±0.10 ≤1.eighteen .49±0.06
RSFR-M-2X-three.two-50-two.0K 3.64±0.23 6.3±0.four .48±0.ten ≤1.fifty nine .51±0.06
RSFR-M-2X-four.8-50-two.0K 5.26±0.25 8.9±0.4 .49±0.ten ≤2.36 .54±0.06
RSFR-M-2X-6.four-fifty-one.5K 6.92±0.28 eleven.5±0.four .50±0.10 ≤3.18 .56±0.06
RSFR-M-2X-9.5-fifty-one.0K ten.2±0.32 sixteen.7±0.five .51±0.eleven ≤4.75 .59±0.06
RSFR-M-2X-12.7-50-1.0K thirteen.5±0.36 21.8±0.six .52±0.eleven ≤6.35 .60±0.07
RSFR-M-2X-19-50-.5K 20.1±0.40 32.2±0.six .53±0.eleven ≤9.fifty three .62±0.07
RSFR-M-2X-25-fifty-.5K 26.7±0.forty five forty two.5±0.seven .55±0.twelve ≤12.7 .63±0.07
RSFR-M-2X-38-fifty-.5K 39.8±0.51 63.2±0.eight .57±0.twelve ≤19.1 .64±0.07
RSFR-M-2X-51-fifty-.25K 53.0±0.fifty six 83.9±0.nine .58±0.thirteen ≤25.4 .64±0.08
RSFR-M-2X-seventy six-50-.25K 79.4±0.fifty six a hundred twenty five.3±1. .59±0.thirteen ≤38.one .64±0.09

Specification: shrink ratio 3:one

Model Number As Equipped (mm) After CZPTvery(mm)
ID(D) Flatten Width(W) CZPT Wall Thickness ID(d) Single Wall Thickness
RSFR-M-3X-one.six-50-2.5K two.00±0.20 3.7±0.3 .47±0.ten ≤0.53 .52±0.06
RSFR-M-3X-two.4-fifty-two.5K two.79±0.twenty five.0±0.three .47±0.ten ≤0.seventy nine .57±0.06
RSFR-M-3X-3.two-50-two.0K 3.64±0.23 six.3±0.four .48±0.ten ≤1.06 .61±0.06
RSFR-M-3X-four.8-fifty-two.0K five.26±0.25 eight.9±0.4 .49±0.ten ≤1.fifty nine .67±0.06
RSFR-M-3X-6.4-50-1.5K six.92±0.28 eleven.5±0.4 .50±0.10 ≤2.36 .71±0.06
RSFR-M-3X-nine.five-50-1.0K ten.2±0.32 sixteen.7±0.five .52±0.eleven ≤3.18 .77±0.06
RSFR-M-3X-12.7-fifty-1.0K 13.5±0.36 21.8±0.six .53±0.11 ≤4.seventy five .80±0.07
RSFR-M-3X-19-fifty-.5K twenty.1±0.forty 32.2±0.6 .55±0.eleven ≤6.35 .84±0.07
RSFR-M-3X-twenty five-50-.5K 26.7±0.forty five forty two.5±0.seven .56±0.12 ≤8.47 .86±0.07
RSFR-M-3X-38-fifty-. 5K 39.8±0.fifty one 63.2±0.8 .57±0.twelve ≤12.nine .89±0.07
RSFR-M-3X-51-fifty-.25K 53.0±0.56 eighty three.9±0.nine .57±0.thirteen ≤17.2 .90±0.08
RSFR-M-3X-76-fifty-.25K 79.4±0.56 one hundred twenty five.3±1. .57±0.thirteen ≤25.8 .92±0.09

Color: CZPT shade is white and yellow (other color CZPT upon ask for).

Heat Shrink Printer PE Shrinkable Tube 3mm