Low Rpm Gear Motor DC 6V 12V 24V Apply to Armarium

Low Rpm Gear Motor DC 6V 12V 24V Apply to Armarium

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one.1. Dimension:Dia:sixteen*15.5*18.6mm
one.2. Finish Enjoy:.5mm MAX 
1.3. Running Temperature:    -ten ~ +60°C

Be aware:

        1. Shaft size,D-shaped dimensions and size can be custom made.

        2. L is 14 and redcution ratio: 100:one

        3 Reduction ratios for selection:

Equipment box duration(mm)

Reduction Ratio



      twelve.five 1/26,1/32,one/37,one/45
      fourteen one/seventy five,1/91,one/105,1/128
     fifteen.5 1/148,one/182,1/210,one/256,one/296,1/362
      17 one/592,one/825,1/1571

two.one.MEASURING Circumstances
       one.one.Rated voltage:             6  V DC
       one.2.Motor Situation:            To be measured with motor horizontally held.
       one.three.Environmental temperature:25±10°C.
       1.four.Environmental humidity:65%±20%RH.

2.two.CZPTAL Characteristics (At initial stage right after thirty seconds operate-in): 
      2.2.one.At No load
            two.1.1.Speed:              146.three ±12%rpm
            two.1.2.Recent:            .084  A(max   .17A)

      two.2.two.At On load
            two.two.1.Torque:             .28 kg.cm
            two.2.2.Velocity:              126.five ±12%rpm
            2.two.3.Existing:            .18  A (max   .27A)

      2.two.3.Path of Rotation:      CCW  (Counter-Clockwise when viewing from the output shaft stop with positive voltage utilized to constructive terminal.)


Remark:The earlier mentioned technological datas are only for reference,we can customerize them according to various requirements after evaluation. 


Ratio Model No. Voltage No Load On Load
Recent Pace Current Torque Speed
V V A r/min A kg.cm r/min
one/fourteen.four BS-16A030-14.4-06805 6.-12. 6 .03 805 .06 .03 610
one/35.9 BS-16A030-35.nine-06184 four.-8. 6. .019 184 .04 .05 156
one/89.8 BS-16A030-89.eight-06179 4.-six. six .079 179 .228 .four 150
1/225 BS-16A030-225-0651 4.-8. six. .04 51 .112 .5 forty two
one/562 BS-16A030-562-03.731 4.-6. 3.seven .09 31 .38 1.five twenty five


Low Rpm Gear Motor DC 6V 12V 24V Apply to Armarium