Ms 4kw 5.5HP 380V Series Three Phase Aluminum Housing Asynchronous Motor

Ms 4kw 5.5HP 380V Series Three Phase Aluminum Housing Asynchronous Motor


MS  three-phase asynchronous electrical motor, is created as a new layout of our company based mostly on the attributes of drinking water pumps.This sequence motors with unique physical appearance,IP55 security dagree,class F insulation,and a good purpose of vitality preserving can get to large effectiveness  class in line with international normal IE2,IE3 and China’s GB2&GB3,which has created it an best strength conserving product.In addition,it has other excellent characteristics like higher beginning torque,slight sound,minimal vibration,ideal structure, covenient procedure and so on.

In get to fix problems like higher torque,vibration and sound in pumps,we use solid iron meterial for all front flange and rear endshield in our JLP3, MS motors,and this advancement can completely fulfill the application of different types of pumps.

Be aware:we can also produce CZPT  motors accordig to clientele unique rquirements,these kinds of as 
Insulation class F.


Detachable toes,aluminum solid,smooth visual appeal,lower bodyweight,high efficiency and enegy saving,big starting up torque,low sounds,compact structure,easy operation and so on.


Kind Rated output Rated speed Efficiency Effectiveness Performance energy factor Rated currentA Rated Torque Ts/Tn Tmax/Tn Is/In Fat
kw hp rpm η% at 75%load at fifty%load cosΦ 380V 400V 415V Nm kg
MS1 801-two   1 2875 77.4 seventy five.five .eighty three 1.seventy seven one.68 one.sixty two two.49 two.three 2.3 6.eight ten.2
MS1-802-two 1.1 one.five 2875 79.six 79.nine 77.6 .84 2.5 2.37 two.29 three.sixty five 2.three two.three 7.three
MS1-90S-2 1.5 2 2890 eighty one.3 eighty one.six 79.7 .eighty four three.32 three.16 three.04 four.ninety six 2.3 two.3 seven.six sixteen.five
MS1-90L-2 two.2 3 2890 83.2 eighty three.5 eighty one.5 .85 four.seventy two four.48 four.32 7.27 two.three two.three seven.eight 22.3
MS1-100L-2   4 2891 eighty four.six eighty four.nine eighty two.nine .87 six.17 five.86 five.65 9.ninety one two.three two.3 21.two
MS1-12M-2 four five.five 2914 eighty five.eight 86.1 84.1 .88 8.04 seven.64 7.36 13.11 two.three two.3 eight.3 31.four
MS1-132S1-two   7.five 2937 87. 87.3 85.three .86 11.2 10.6 ten.two seventeen.88 2.two 2.3 eight. 39.four
MS1-132S1-two 7.five 10 2940 88.1 88.five 86.three .88 14.6 13.nine thirteen.four 27.36 2.2 two.3 seven.8 fifty four.1
MS1-160M1-2 eleven 15 2930 89.four 89.8 87.6 .89 21. 19.9 19.2 35.85 2.two two.three seven.9 eighty
MS1-160M2-2 fifteen 20 2930 ninety.3 ninety.7 88.5 .89 28.4 26 26. 48.89 2.two 2.3 8. 96.three
MS1-160L-two 18.5 25 2937 ninety.9 ninety one.three 89.1 .89 33. 31.eight 60.15 two.two two.3 8.1 107

Pace 300RPM two-POLE 50HZ

Variety Rated output Rated velocity Effectiveness Efficiency Effectiveness power factor Rated currentA Rated Torque Ts/Tn Tmax/Tn Is/In Weight
kw hp rpm η% at seventy five%load at 50%load cosΦ 380V 400V 415V Nm kg
MS1 801-2 .seventy five one 2880 eighty.7 79.1 .83 one.62 one.fifty six 2.forty nine 2.3 two.3 six.8 eleven.six
MS1-802-two one.1 one.5 2880 82.7 81. .83 two.forty three two.31 2.23 3.sixty five two.3 two.three 7.3 twelve.six
MS1-90S-two one.5 2 2895 eighty four.two 84.two eighty two.5 .83 3.26 3.1 2.ninety nine four.ninety five two.three 2.3 seven.six
MS1-90L-2 2.two three 2895 eighty five.9 eighty five.nine eighty four.2 .eighty five 4.58 4.35 4.19 seven.26 two.three 2.3 7.eight twenty.4
MS1-100L-2 three four 2895 87.1 eighty five.four .88 five.95 5.sixty five 5.45 nine.nine 2.3 two.3
MS1-12M-2 4 five.5 2905 88.1 86.three .88 seven.84 7.forty five 7.eighteen 2.three 2.3 eight.3 30.2
MS1-132S1-2 five.5 seven.five 2930 89.2 89.two 87.4 .88 10.six 10.1 9.75 seventeen.nine 2.two two.three eight. fifty nine.nine
MS1-132S1-two 7.five ten 2930 ninety.1 90.1 88.3 .88 fourteen.4 13.two 24.4 2.2 two.three seven.8 seventy one.2
MS1-160M1-two eleven fifteen 2945 91.2 91.two 89.four .90 twenty.4 19.three 18.6 35.7 2.two two.3 7.nine 111
MS1-160M2-two fifteen twenty 2945 ninety one.9 ninety one.nine 90.1 .ninety one 27.3 25.nine 24.nine 48.6 two.2 two.three 8. 132
MS1-160L-2 eighteen.5 25 2940 92.four ninety two.four ninety.six .89 34.2 32.5 31.3 sixty.1 2.two 2.3 149


Why us? 

1.Low MOQ: It can fulfill your marketing business really well.
two.Great Provider : We treat consumers as buddies,offering 24 hrs a days 7days a 7 days service assistance.

 3.Great Quality :We have rigorous quality handle system.Very good track record in the market place.
4.Fast & Cheap Shipping: We have massive discount from CZPTer.


Q: Do you supply OEM provider?

A: Yes 

Q: What is your payment term?

A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% stability when receiving B/L duplicate.  Or irrevocable L/C.

Q: What is your direct time?

A: About thirty days following receiving deposit or authentic L/C.



Ms 4kw 5.5HP 380V Series Three Phase Aluminum Housing Asynchronous Motor