Starter Motor D9e137 D9e138 12V 0.9kw 9t for Valeo

Starter Motor D9e137 D9e138 12V 0.9kw 9t for Valeo

CZPTter Motor for VALEO(D9E137 12V .9kw 9T)

OEM No.: D9E137 CS310 D9E138 D9E237 D9E238 D9E276 D9E39 D9E52

Volt Power Tooth Rotation Kind
12V .9Kw  9T CW DD

Fit FOR: Renault


FOR BOSCH 000125715  000125717  000125716  000125718  0986571310
0986571311  1031  9000333117
FOR HITACHI S114361  S114363
FOR LUCAS LRS571  LRS00503  LRS00505  LRS436  LRS503  LRS505
FOR MITSUBISHI M003T32986  M003T32988  M003T32989  M003T32991
M3T32986  M3T32988  M3T32989  M3T32991
FOR VALEO 432510  432581  433249  433309  436059  453052
534571  534042  534043  534057
D9E137  D9E138  D9E237  D9E238  D9E276  D9E39  D9E52  D9E72  D9E76
D9E77  D9E771  D9E772  D9E773 D9E774  D9E776

RENAULT 19 one.7 Chamade 09.1988-12.1992 AT
RENAULT 19 Chamade 09.1988-08.1995
RENAULT Clio one.1 [C1E700] 06.1990-03.1996
RENAULT Clio 1.two [C3G720] 09.1995-03.1996
RENAULT Clio 1.2 [E5F710] 05.1990-03.1996
RENAULT Clio 1.two i [C3G720] 09.1995-03.1996
RENAULT Clio 1.7 [F2N770] 06.1990-03.1996
RENAULT Clio 1.eight [F3P710] 06.1990- 07.1994
RENAULT Clio 1.8 16V [F7P722] 03.1991-03.1996
RENAULT Clio 1.eight i [F3P712] 07.1992-03.1996
RENAULT R11 [C1E715] 03.1983-03.1991
RENAULT R11 1.2 [C1G700] ten.1984-twelve.1986
RENAULT R11 one.two [C1G710] 06.1986-03.1991
RENAULT R11 1.four [C1J715] 03.1983-twelve.1985
RENAULT R11 1.four [C2J717] 05.1983-03.1991
RENAULT R11 1.4 [C2J718] 03.1983-03.1991
RENAULT R11 one.four [C2J757] 03.1983-twelve.1984
RENAULT R11 1.four [C2J768] 06.1985-03.1991
RENAULT R11 1.4 Turbo [C1J760] 09.1983-twelve.1986
RENAULT R11 1.four Turbo [C1J764] 09.1983-03.1991
RENAULT R11 one.4 Turbo [C1J770] 06.1985-03.1991
RENAULT R11 [F2N700] ten.1983-twelve.1987
RENAULT R11 [F2N704] ten.1983-06.1987
RENAULT R11 [F2N708] ten.1986-03.1991
RENAULT R11 one.7 [F2N732] 06.1987-03.1991
RENAULT R11 one.7 [F3N708] 06.1987-12.1988
RENAULT R11 [F3N718] ten.1984-03.1991
RENAULT R19 one.2 [C1G730] 01.1988-twelve.1995
RENAULT R19 1.4 [C2J772] 01.1989-04.1992
RENAULT R19 one.four [C3J710] 01.1989-10.1995
RENAULT R19 one.4 [E6J700] 01.1988- twelve.1995
RENAULT R19 1.4 [E6J701] 09.1988-12.2001
RENAULT R19 1.4 [E7J706] 01.1992-twelve.1995
RENAULT R19 1.four [E7J742] 01.1988-twelve.2001
RENAULT R19 1.eight 16V [F7P704] 10.1989-06.1996
RENAULT R21 1.4 [C2J770] 09.1989-03.1993
RENAULT R21 [F2N710] 03.1986-twelve.1995
RENAULT R21 one.7 [F2N712] 03.1986-03.1993
RENAULT R21 [F2N750] 03.1986-eleven.1989
RENAULT R21 1.7 [F2N752] 06.1987-04.1989
RENAULT R5 1. [C1C700] ten.1984-twelve.1996
RENAULT R5 [C1E750] ten.1984-twelve.1996
RENAULT R5 [C1E752] 10.1984-06.1989
RENAULT R5 [C1E756] 06.1987-08.1990
RENAULT R5 1.1 [C1E760] 01.1986-03.1995
RENAULT R5 1.4 [C1J768] ten.1984-twelve.1996
RENAULT R5 1.four [C1J780] 10.1984-06.1989
RENAULT R5 1.four [C2J700] 06.1987-twelve.1996
RENAULT R5 1.4 [C2J780] ten.1984-06.1987
RENAULT R5 1.four [C2J798] 10.1984-07.1989
RENAULT R5 one.four [C3J700] 10.1984-10.1987
RENAULT R5 one.four [C3J702] 10.1985-02.1988
RENAULT R5 one.four [C3J760] 10.1985-12.1996
RENAULT R5 one.4 Turbo GT [C1J782] 04.1984-08.1990
RENAULT R5 one.4 Turbo GT [C1J784] ten.1984-12.1996
RENAULT R5 1.4 Turbo GT [C1J788] 06.1987-twelve.1996
RENAULT R9 [C1E715] 09.1981- 10.1987
RENAULT R9 1.two [C1G700] 09.1985-12.1986
RENAULT R9 one.two [C1G710] 09.1986-03.1991
RENAULT R9 one.4 [C1J715] 12.1981-03.1991
RENAULT R9 one.four [C2J717] 09.1981-03.1991
RENAULT R9 one.4 [C2J720] ten.1986-06.1987
RENAULT R9 1.four [C2J730] ten.1986-03.1991
RENAULT R9 one.4 [C2J757] 09.1981-10.1984
RENAULT R9 1.4 [C2J766] ten.1984-03.1991
RENAULT R9 1.4 [C2J768] 09.1985-03.1991
RENAULT R9 1.four Turbo [C1J760] 10.1984-03.1991
RENAULT R9 [F2N708] 10.1986-03.1991
RENAULT R9 [F2N798] 10.1986-12.1988
RENAULT R9 [F3N708] 06.1987-12.1988
RENAULT R9 one.7 TXE [F2N700] 09.1984-06.1987
RENAULT Rapid one. [C1C706] 02.1986-05.1992
RENAULT Speedy [C1E750] 03.1986-04.1995
RENAULT Fast one.1 [C1E752] 03.1986-06.1989
RENAULT Fast [C1E754] 03.1986-08.1991
RENAULT Speedy [C1E756] 06.1987-08.1991
RENAULT Quick one.1 [C1E760] 08.1990-08.1991
RENAULT Speedy [C1E762] 09.1991-09.1996
RENAULT Quick 1.two [C3G710] 09.1991-10.1997
RENAULT Rapid one.four [C1J768] 07.1985-08.1991
RENAULT Quick one.4 [C2J784] 06.1987-09.1997
RENAULT Quick one.4 [C3J700] 03.1986-05.1987
RENAULT Rapid one.four [C3J702] 06.1987-08.1991
RENAULT Speedy 1.4 [C3J762] 09.1991-03.1997
RENAULT Tremendous five 1. [C1C700] ten.1984-12.1996
RENAULT Tremendous five [C1E750] 10.1984-12.1996
RENAULT Super five one.1 [C1E752] 10.1984- 06.1989
RENAULT Super 5 1.2 [C1G702] ten.1984-12.1996
RENAULT Tremendous 5 1.two [C1G720] 10.1986-twelve.1996
RENAULT Super five one.2 [C1G722] 03.1990-twelve.1996
RENAULT Trafic 1.six [A1M707] 05.1987-02.1989
RENAULT Trafic [F1N722] 06.1986-04.1989
VOLVO 340 [B172K] 08.1985-07.1991
VOLVO 440 one.6 [B16F] 09.1988-07.1997
VOLVO 440 one.7 [B18EP] 09.1988-08.1994
VOLVO 440 1.7 [B18FP] 08.1989-07.1992
VOLVO 440 1.7 [B18F] 08.1988-08.1991
VOLVO 440 [B18KP] 09.1988-08.1993
VOLVO 440 Turbo [B18FT] 01.1991-twelve.1996
VOLVO 440 one.eight [B18U] 09.1995-twelve.1996
VOLVO 460 one.six [B16F] 07.1992-07.1997
VOLVO 460 1.7 [B18EP] 08.1989-07.1992
VOLVO 460 one.7 [B18FP] 03.1990- 07.1993
VOLVO 460 1.7 Turbo [B18FT] 01.1991-07.1996
VOLVO 460 one.8 [B18U] 08.1991-07.1996
VOLVO 480 1.7 [B18EP] 08.1989-07.1990
VOLVO 480 [B18E] 04.1986-07.1989
VOLVO 480 [B18F] 08.1987-07.1989
VOLVO 480 Turbo [B18FT] 08.1987-07.1996
VOLVO 480 two. [B20F] 08.1992-09.1995

100% NEW
Top quality Identification: ISO/TS16949
We can Engrave meeting to your demand from customers
Packing: Pallet
Minimal Order: 1-100PCS
Delivery day is one-forty five days after confirming the get.

If you have the desire, you should contact with us.
We can supply the greatest opposition with the greatest value.

Q:one.How do you manage the products’ top quality?

A:Vehicle inspection machine and manual tests with each other ahead of packing.

Q:two.What is actually your payment phrase?
A:We normally take T/T(30% deposit,the balance before supply.)
Samples price can be compensated by Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram

Q:3.Would you take to use our brand?
A:If you have great quantity,we can make your symbol.

Q:four.Can I get a sample for reference?
A:We provide cost-free samples for tests,you want to spend the sample and courier expense.

Q:five.What is your MOQ?
A:The MOQ can be only 1 piece.

Q:six.What is your delivery time?
A:Typically it takes 5-forty five functioning days relies upon on products and quantity.

Q:seven.What is your warranty time of the items?
A:12 months

Starter Motor D9e137 D9e138 12V 0.9kw 9t for Valeo