China factory 2.2-5kw, 220V, Servo Drive, Servo Motor ,AC motor,electric motor for CNC machine with Free Design Custom

Product Description

Product Gain:
Specialised for CNC

· Common Mechatrolink II and Mechatrolink III buses, completely adapted to LNC, Syntec, HUST and other CNC systems
· Kalman observer algorithm for quicker servo reaction
· Load perturbation compensation algorithm for smoother processing
· Quadrant bump suppression algorithm for CZPT processing
· Turret control function
· Potent inner position mode permits for ongoing multi-path plHangZhou for wealthy movement manage supports up to 32 information sets for plHangZhou, every single established of data can be set to the amount of pulses or angle needed, and internal situation mode can be established for velocity, acceleration, deceleration and emergency deceleration
· Automated determination of load inertial mechanical properties, placing best gain and shortening system commissioning time
· Mechanical resonance frequency evaluation, configuration of 2 sets of lure filters, adjustable frequency (fifty~5000Hz) and lure depth, properly defeat minimal frequency resonance and mechanical stop vibration,can established the vibration frequency (1~100Hz) and vibration damping
· Frictional torque compensation minimizes the result of static friction during mechanical commutation and improves command subsequent overall performance at lower speeds



Series iK2 
Output power (unit: kW) two.two three 5      
Output present 12A sixteen 25      
Type of encoder 17 bit absolute value encoder
Regeneration resistance Built-in or external connection
  Control mode IGBT PWM management sinusoidal present travel method


Speed control variety 1:ten thousand (The reduce limit of the velocity control range is secure procedure CZPT creep in circumstance of rated load)
Fluctuation ratio of speed Load fluctuation 0 to one hundred% load: ±0.01% max. (at rated pace)
Voltage fluctuation Rated voltage: ±10%:% (at rated velocity)
Temperature fluctuation 25±25°C: ±0.1% max. (at rated pace)
Torque control accuracy (repeatability) 1%
Soft boot-time setting 0 ~ ten seconds (acceleration and deceleration can be established independently)
Interaction RS-485
Communic ation
Communication protocol Modbus
1 N communication Up to N = 127 stations
Axis handle placing Set by parameter

Enter/output sign

Frequency-dividing pulse output of encoder
A-stage, B-stage, and C-phase: linear travel output number of divided pulses: can be set arbitrarily
Sequential management enter signal 7 channels
Functions: Origin return deceleration change signal (/DEC), exterior latch sign (/EXT 1 to 2), ahead rotation prohibition (P-OT), reverse rotation prohibition (N-OT), forward rotation torque limit (/P -CL), reverse rotation torque limit (/N-CL). Changes in the positive/negative logic of the above signal can be performed.
Sequential management output signal 5 channels
Functions: Servo CZPT (ALM), positioning completion (/COIN), speed coincidence detection (/V-CMP), brake (/BK), servo motor rotation detection (/TGON), servo all set (/S- RDY), torque restrict detection (/CLT), encoder zero output (PGC). Alterations in the optimistic/unfavorable logic of the over sign can be performed.
Instruction CHARGE indicator
Regeneration handling Built-in regenerative resistor or exterior regenerative resistor (optional)
Over travel handling Dynamic brake (DB) stops, deceleration stops or totally free operating stops during P-OT and N-OT input procedure
Protection capabilities Over current, more than voltage, underneath voltage, overload, regeneration abnormality, and many others.
Accessibility… Gain adjustment, CZPT recording, jog operation, and so forth.
Panel procedure Display 7-phase 5-digit red nixie tube
Key 5 jog keys


Communication protocol MECHATROLINK-II
Transfer Charge 10 Mbps
Transmission cycle 250 microseconds, .5 to 4. milliseconds (multiples of .5 milliseconds)
Link transfer terms Switch at seventeen bytes/station, 32 bytes/station
Station handle placing 41H to 5FH (highest variety of linked substations: thirty)
Command manner Instruction specification Position control, velocity manage and torque manage by means of MECHATROLINK bus
Command input MECHATROLINK commands (this sort of as sequential control, motion, data placing/reference, checking, adjustment, and other guidelines)

Top quality management Program

1.Procurement Manage Methods

Select certified suppliers to make sure that material good quality can satisfy usage ask for.

 2.Production Procedure Circulation

Each personnel is essential to move the qualification test for the job place and operate in rigid accordance with the method paperwork.

 3.High quality Handle Techniques

A vast variety of measure are applied to handle top quality and they are:manufacturing unit audit,signing top quality agreement with suppliers,incoming components inspection,initial product affirmation,inspection for the duration of production,ultimate inspection,production procedure analysis and improvement,corrective and preventive steps.


· 3C electronic gear

· Packaging products

· Printing gear

· CNC Machine equipment

· Textile industry




Award:Won the 2018 annual user satisfaction brand in the field of motion control!


The rotor of a reluctance motor is composed of a strong cast metal part with a convex toothed rack. Their commencing approach is similar to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Usually, their rotors have fewer poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and prevents perfect pole alignment, as no torque is produced in that area. Reluctance motors range in energy ratings from a couple of watts to about 22 kilowatts.
These NEMA c-aircraft reducers are equipment energy, routine maintenance-free of charge, and can be mounted in any orientation with a slip in shape “O” ring design and style. Accessible in lower to high reduction ratios, flange mount or base mount styles, correct angle or hollow shaft appropriate angle variations. Set up NEMA C-Experience AC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushed DC motors. For 1/2 HP to 3 HP Motors NEMA 56C, 140TC, and 180TC Input Flange Inline Helical Gear Reducers Correct Angle Hypoid Equipment Reducers

China factory 2.2-5kw, 220V, Servo Travel, Servo Motor ,AC motor,electric powered motor for CNC device     with Free Design Custom