High Quality Ultra-High Efficiency Three-Phase 100% Copper Coil AC Induction Electrical Motor

High Quality Ultra-High Efficiency Three-Phase 100% Copper Coil AC Induction Electrical Motor


CZPT: IEC60034
Frame Measurement: H80-H355
Energy: .75-300KW
Rated Voltage: 380V,400V,415V
Rated Frequency: 50HZ,60HZ
Poles: four
Velocity: 1000-300r/min
Current: one.5-40A
Effectiveness Class: IE2
Insulation Class: F
Security Class: IP54 IP55
Cooling Strategy: IC411
Ambient Temperature: -15°C-+40ºC
Mounting: B3,B35
Responsibility: S1
Body Material: Solid Iron/Aluminum
Terminal Box: Top or Aspect
Altitute: ≤1000m
Certification: CE 3C CZPT 


The lengthen shaft motor adopts the style technologyand is produced of warmth-resistant insulating supplies. It can make sure the risk-free procedure of the motor in substantial-temperature enviroment CZPT growing older and burning. Its motor functionality is created according to the qualities of admirer and pumb load, which can preserve vitality and adopt bolstered insulation to ensure reputable insulation and enhance provider daily life.


one.You should validate whether or not the appearance of the motro is broken prior to ues? Is there any oil leakage?

2.Make sure you confirm the voltage of the motor. Voltage regulator can be set up whne voltage is unstable.

3.Make sure you validate regardless of whether the speciation of the motor obtained is constant with the layout specification.

four.Make sure you make certain that the body is set to keep away from loosening throughout procedure.

5.If sprocket, pulley,coupling are utilised and other equipment ought to be put in in accordance to pertinent regulation.

six.The lubricating grease has been place into the physique of the decelerating motor, and the lubricating oil can not be changed for 12000 hrs.

seven.When the motor is working, the rated recent shall not exceed the present price indicated on the motor nameplate.

eight.Remember to spend consideration to the bordering temperature, humidity, pH and other problems.

nine.If it is not put in or operated in the right way, it might cause severe hurt to the motor.

ten.During servicing or disassembly, it is required to affirm that the external electrical power offer is fully folded absent from the motor.

11.The protection safety device should be set up to make sure the safety of operation.

twelve.The motor wants grounding wire, make sure you refer to related electrical power distribution.

13.Make sure you confirm that all set up components and transmission components are fixed accurately beforestarting the deceleration motor.

14.If the motor is pushed with frequency converter at lower velocity, it is essential to put in the auxiliary cooling fan.

fifteen.Remember to inform the technological department of our manufacturing unit when the motor is mounted vertically.


High Quality Ultra-High Efficiency Three-Phase 100% Copper Coil AC Induction Electrical Motor