LCD Motor Starter Control & Phase Overload Protection Switch Kb0

LCD Motor Starter Control & Phase Overload Protection Switch Kb0

Liquid crystal display Screen Overload Protection Motor Speed Manage Swap CPS (RDCPS2)

RDCPS2 management and protective change is primarily applied to low-voltage electrical power distribution and motor management and defense circuits. Rated functioning voltage 690V and below, AC fifty/60Hz, rated working present .15A ~ 125A.
RDCPS2 is a high-conclude product with optimized structure, compact, power-saving, environmentally environmental pleasant components, easy installation and operation clever digital controlsystem, reputable security, and communication interface, it secure automated handle methods and remote control methods.
RDCPS2 is a all-in-one particular switching device with circuit overload, short circuit security features, high breaking capability it is capable to producing and breaking the load, long service daily life, secure and has isolation functions simplify low-voltage manage circuit, increase the reliability of the automation control program, providing a dependable simple ingredient for minimal-voltage electrical power distribution and motor handle circuits.
RDCPS2 is matter to IEC60947-one, EC60947-six-two specifications.
The components utilised in this solution comply with the demands of the ROHS Directive (lead Pb, mercury Hg, cadmium Cd, hexavalent chromium Cr, polybrominated biphenyl PBBs, polybrominated diphenyl ether PBTEs, and so forth.)

Operating Situations
CZPT Working Environment
Ambient temperature:from -15ºC to+40ºC,24h common temperature ≤ +35ºC
Set up altitude: ≤ 2000m
Installation environment humidity:When the greatest temperature is +forty °C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed fifty%, greater relative humidity is authorized at decrease temperatures, for instance, ninety% at +twenty °C, for temperature adjustments Unique measures ought to be taken for occasional condensation
Environmental air pollution degree: Class three
Safety amount: IP20
Applicable electromagnetic environment: Class A
WARNING: This product is supposed for use in Surroundings A. Use of this merchandise in Setting B can cause damaging electromagnetic interference, in which situation the person need to consider appropriate precautions.
Storage and transportation problems
Storage and transportation setting of the item must be great and ventilated. There need to be no direct sunlight, rain forest, dust, chemical gasoline corrosion, and so forth. The applicable ambient temperature selection is -25°C~ +55°C, and it can get to +70°C in a short time (24h)
Installation circumstances
Major circuit overvoltage group of this switch is relevant to III (distribution level), and the auxiliary circuit and control circuit overvoltage category is relevant to II (load level).

Utilization Group

RDCPS2 management and protecting swap applies to underneath load circuits.
Circuit Utilization Group Application
Principal Circuit AC-20 Making/breaking CZPT load
AC-40 Distribution circuit, such as combined resistivity and inductive load
AC-forty one AC-42No-inductive or micro inductive load, resistor furnace
AC-forty two Slip ring type motor: start off, breaking
AC-forty three Cage type inductive motor: start off, breaking for the duration of managing
AC-44 Cage kind inductive motor: begin, reverse join end or reverse
managing, position shifting.
AC-45a Discharge lamp ON/OFF
AC-45b Filament lamp ON/OFF
Auxiliary Circuit AC-fifteen Manage AC electrical magnet
DC-13 Manage DC electric magnet load


Major technical datas (main circuits)
Body measurement 63 a hundred twenty five
Rated functioning voltage Ue 400VAC/690VAC(220VAC custom made design and style)
Rated isolation voltage Ui 690V 800V
Rated withstand voltage Uimp 6kV 8kV
Standard thermal present Ith(A) 12 32 sixty three 80 one hundred twenty five
Rated doing work existing Ie(A) .6, 1.two, 2.4,six,twelve eighteen, 32 forty five,63 80 125
Rated frequency 50Hz(60Hz customized style)
Rated operational technique (Intermittent responsibility) 300 one hundred twenty
Rated limited-circuit breaking ability Ics AC400V 50kA 50kA
AC690V 4kA 6kA
Utilization Category AC-forty three
Breaking action time ≤ 2ms
Number of poles three

Primary technical datas(Rated doing work recent and handle energy)
Frame dimension Conventional thermal recent Ie(A) Rated working
current Ie(A)
Overload existing
placing range Ir1(A)
Controllable motor electricity Pe(kW)
220VAC 400VAC 690VAC
sixty three 12 .6 .fifteen-.6 .04-.18 .01-.18 .07-.three
1.2 .3-one.two .06-.eighteen .07-.five .13-.86
2.four .six-2.four .09-.55 .15-one. .25-1.eight
6 one.5-6 .twenty five-1.5 .fifty two-two.eight .nine-five.
12 three-12 .75-three one.1-6 2.-10
32 eighteen seven.2-eighteen one.five-4 three.-9.five five.-16
32 twelve-32 3-seven.five 5.-sixteen.5 eight.5-29
63 forty five eighteen-forty five 4-11 7.1-23.5 14-43
63 twenty five-63 5.5-18.5 ten-35 19-60
a hundred twenty five eighty 80 forty five-eighty eleven-22 20-forty five 36-seventy six
a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five 63-one hundred twenty five 19.5-37 28-fifty five fifty one-110


Major technological datas(management and auxiliary circuit)
  Body size rated working present Inm(A) sixty three a hundred twenty five
Handle Circuit Manage voltage Us(V) 230VAC 50Hz(60Hz custom made design and style)
Electromagnet coil’s Max. power use(W) four 7
Electromagnet coil’s action time(ms) generating: significantly less than 80, breaking: less than 70
Mechanical lifestyle (cycles) ten milion three milion
CZPTal daily life(AC-43) ( cycles) 1 milion 300,000
Procedure frequency(on-load factor forty%) 600 600
Auxiliary switch circuit Quantity of contacts 2NO + 2NC 2NO + 2NC
Contact potential AC-15 230VAC, 5A
DC-13 ( DC110V,..55A), (DC24V, 5A)
Auxiliary position circuit Number of contacts 2NO + 1NC 2NO + 1NC
Ue:230VAC ,Ui:250V,Uimp:4kV,Ith:5A
Controller alarm circuit Amount of output contacts 1NO 1NO
Ue:230VAC ,Ui:250V,Uimp:4kV,Ith:5A
Communication circuit module Ue:24VDC ,Ui:24V,Uimp:.8kV


Dlivery Phrases
Shipment & Express & Air specific


About the Organization

RADIN areas are TUV, CE, CB, RoHS accredited, and the manufacturing facility is iso9001:2015 certified.

one. What is actually the warranty term? 
24 Monthes. 
two. How extended does it get to supply my items? 
Usually, samples can be shipped in 2 days. CZPTer designed sampleswill be shipped in 3-seven times. 
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Yes, we offer you sample purchase for customer to check the merchandise. 
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We offer you kinds of payment ways foe customer to chose from. T/T, L/C, Aliexpress, Western union etc. 
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We provide alternative for the goods as quickly as there is a quality dilemma with the goods, and the fright is on our account to minimize down the customer’s loss to the most affordable. 

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LCD Motor Starter Control & Phase Overload Protection Switch Kb0