Precision Machining Carbon Steel Electric Fan Motor Shaft

Precision Machining Carbon Steel Electric Fan Motor Shaft

Precision Machining Carbon Metal CZPT Enthusiast Motor Shaft

CZPT is devoted to producing of precision parts and the style, fabrication of engineering specialty fasteners and fastening resolution development.
Producing Functionality
We have powerful producing ability, our automatic lathes, CNC lathes, CNC machining facilities, stamping equipment and chilly heading devices additionally auxiliary equipment  like milling equipment, grinding equipment, EDM and the cooperation of our partners, we are ready to help each and every different parts no matter of the prototyping or collection production.

Automobile Lathe Turning
The one shaft cam-base automated lathes are able of enormous creation of brass, aluminum alloy, stainless metal components.
Production range: O. D. .five-15
CNC Milling
4-axis and 5-axis machining facilities are capable of sophisticated structural areas.
Manufacturing variety: 800×600
Screw CZPTing & Rolling
The screw generation traces finish the cold heading and thread rolling for modest carbon metal or stainless steel screws.
Generation range: M0.eight-M6 or equivalent sized imperial screws
Stamping equipment complete the blanking, punching, blending, drawing. At the moment we are doing work on basic stamping work.
Generation assortment: 200T max.

Positive aspects
? Suits well for thin and strong materials
? Suits well for aluminium, light metals, magnesium etc.
? Can be installed using manual or automatic tools
? Suits well for both drilled and punched mount holes
? Suits well for materials with thickness 6 mm or less
? Suits well for the attachment of two sheets

Mount hole diameter in sheet metal
The mount hole can be made by drilling or punching.Hole tolerance should be –.00 + 0.1 mm.

Set up
To achieve the best installation result, it is important to use a properly manufactured riveting tool (see page 84). It is recommended to use a clamp to achieve a constant result. Small amounts can also be
installed by hand tools.

Nut types
If there are room for the serrated ribs in the mount hole, using a size bigger nut is recommended.

In order to achieve the best possible joint, it is recommended to install the screw through the opposite side of thehead, although it is possible to install the screw from the top face side.

Material Brass,Stainless Steel,Carbon steel,Aluminum alloy,POM,according to customer’s requirement
Finish Zn/Ni/Tin plating, copper-plating,scorching-dip galvanizing, black oxide coating,crimson anodized,black anodized,painting,
powdering,rust preventive oil, titanium alloy galvanized, silver plating, plastic, electroplating, anodizing and many others.
Testing Tools CMM,Projector,Pull Tester,Automated Optic Inspector,Projecting equipment
Salt Spray Take a look at, Durometer, and Coating Analyzer,Tensile Device
Management Technique CZPT:2008
Certification SGS,RoHS,Substance Certication,PPAP
Creation Ability Car-lathe turning:ODΦ0.5-20mm,Tol.±0.01mm
CNC lathe turning:ODΦ0.5-250mm,Tol.±0.005mm
CNC Milling:800x600mm(LxW),Tol.±0.05mm
Screw heading & rolling:Metric .8-M6,Unified Imperial#-one/4”
Stamping:200T max
Guide Time five-fifteen working times
Samples Welcome
Shipping and delivery term By DHL,UPS,TNT,FedEx,EMS,By CZPT,By Air
Warranty Replacement at all our price for turned down products

Precision Machining Carbon Steel Electric Fan Motor Shaft